Custom AI Solutions


Lead Generation

Collect contacts, never miss leads, and refine strategy with user data. 24/7×365 availability, Efficient, Multi-languages, and cost-effective.

Customer Support

Improve customer communication, engage seamlessly, and provide superior service to all your prospects and existing clients.

Increase Sales

Enhance engagement and increase sales up to 40%. Hire a cost-effective Sales Assistant powered by Generative AI.

Virtual Assistants


Introducing AIChat4You’s Virtual Assistants, pivotal tools designed to enhance your business’s operational efficiency and customer engagement. Our advanced AI-driven assistants excel in facilitating seamless communication, effectively addressing customer inquiries and increasing satisfaction. Ideal for dynamic business environments, they integrate smoothly into your existing operations, providing tailored interactions that resonate with your clientele. Explore the transformative potential of our Virtual Assistants with a complimentary 30-day trial, and experience firsthand the elevated customer interaction that drives business success.

A cost-effective solution perfect for many businesses


Discover how to increase direct booking on your website providing 24/7 AI multi-language customer support. Learn More


Sales Virtual Assistants designed and trained to assist clients to buy products and services in different languages.


Explain policies and assist customers in selecting the right insurance products. Collect leads and Customer Support.


Discover new ways to communicate and provide useful information to your customers.


Assist booking and patient queries! Provide general health advice, improving patient care and efficiency.


Assist with course registration, campus information, and student support services, enhancing the educational experience.


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Our service is designed to adapt and grow with your business, offering a scalable, efficient, and engaging way to connect with your customers. With AIChat4You, you’re not just investing in a chatbot; you’re investing in the future of customer communication and satisfaction.

Discover how our Virtual Assistants can growth your online business! Request now a TRIAL!

3 Months

A monthly plan for businesses looking for flexibility, we offer our comprensive service at €150 per month.

6 Months -10%

Committing to a 6-month agreement enables us to offer a 10% discount on our services, reducing the monthly price to €135.

12 Months -20%

We offer a 20% discount on a 12-month agreement, bringing the monthly cost down to €120.

Setup fee for one Virtual Assistant is €499. Starting from the second setup, the cost for implementation will be discounted by 20%.

About us


At, we are pioneers in delivering custom Virtual Assistants tailored to your business needs. Our cutting-edge technology enhances customer communication by bridging the gap between human and AI interactions, ensuring efficiency and understanding. Whether boosting sales or fostering global connections, our virtual assistants are designed to grow with your business. Experience the future of customer engagement with AIChat4You!

Who We Are

We are innovators, enhancing digital interactions with cutting-edge AI chat solutions across industries.

Our Vision

Redefine communication, bridging human-AI interaction gaps, fostering understanding, and empowering global connections.

Our Mission

Deliver transformative AI chat solutions, driving efficiency and personalization in every interaction.



As Fortezza’s Operations Manager, I’m pleased to report significant growth in leads and sales, driven by our quality products and strategic market engagement.

Alberto P.

Project Manager

AIChat4You has transformed our approach, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction, leading to noticeable sales growth. I rate them a 5 Star AI agency.

Jennifer West

Customer Support Director

From my perspective, AI Chat has revolutionized guest support, ensuring swift, personalized assistance, and markedly enhancing guest experiences and satisfaction.

Claudia De Giorgio

Hotel Manager

I’m thrilled with our virtual assistant’s ability to swiftly address customer queries and actively engage with both new and existing clients.

Maurizio Frate


Increase Sales & Customer Communication

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